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The end of an era on Express FM

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I was really sad to leave Express FM back at the end of July, after two amazing years presenting the drive time show. Here are my thoughts...

A lot of life happens in two years, good things and bad things. Being able to have a laugh every afternoon has been the most enjoyable experience of my life.

Thank you so much if you’ve been apart of the show in any form, I feel ridiculously lucky to have been a part of your day. Often the bad stuff in the world gets more attention than the good, but I hope we’ve been able to distract you from the negative things, especially recently & make you a laugh, even if it’s just brief - that’s the beauty of the best medium in the world. We’ve tired to show kindness as well, and I hope that’s made you smile, it’s nice to be nice. Also, Express are made up of the most brilliant & creative people that have shown so much faith in me & let us do whatever stupid idea we have, I’m so grateful to the team.

Bringing people together & laughing is so important & I’m going to miss it so much. Thank you for being a part of the mess x

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