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  • Robbie James

The Coronavirus Special

Exactly five days before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced England was to be put into lockdown and instructed to 'Stay Home', we created a new show for Portsmouth and the south coast.

For the last nineteen weeks The Coronavirus Special has been running on Express FM, Wednesday evenings from 1800-1900, which I've been presenting.

COVID-19 has been the talk of the town (socially distanced) since the middle of March. It's been the primary, and often secondary and tertiary story in all mediums of news, with plenty of instructions and information for the world and the UK. It's become clear that trying to get your head around the size of the issue is nigh impossible, it's too overwhelmingly huge to comprehend the global impact. Often when there's a big issue, it's down to people to focus on their patch and do their little bit to help, with a vision for a much bigger impact when everyone plays their part.

This is why we wanted to start doing the Coronavirus Special, an hour of updates on the status of the pandemic in our local area, hearing from and putting questions to those that make the decisions in their area. People need to know what support there is for their local businesses, how their children's school are helping with home schooling, or what farms are recruiting those that have lost their job to COVID-19. We came to the conclusion that this getting this information across to you makes changes more achievable and hopefully provides some much needed clarity to a time when stocks in the word 'unknown' have rocketed (imagine).

Every episode is available to download for free as a podcast here.

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