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  • Robbie James

A Brand New Drivetime Show for the UK

Hello & Surprise! A brand new, national drivetime show is launching on 1st February on Aspen Waite Radio & this idiot is hosting it.

In simple terms - if you like joyful things, silly things, not rubbish music & can tolerate my voice for more than 7 seconds - then this is for you. (If not, enjoy your terrible life x).

The world is a total shambles at the moment, and one of my coping strategies when things are terrible is to just find things to laugh at, and if you're not laughing at things, maybe find something joyful that'll make you emotional and hopefully teary.

So that's what this new show will be about - we won't pretend there isn't a pandemic on, we won't pretend things are dandy & we're all feeling brilliant. We'll be very honest, but our reaction will be authentic.

I'm also relishing the chance to do a drivetime show once again - and this time it's to the entire bloody nation. Let's face it, even if you enjoy your job, we're all generally either one or all of the following by 4pm; relieved, drained, pumped (imaging a Friday in a non pandemic world), or at least a tad brighter than when we were beginning work at 8.30am - so it's a brilliant time to team together at entertaining ourselves (that sounded better in my head).

So here we go...Monday 1st February, four days a week (yes I'm well aware I'm slacking my job is a complete joke), 4-7pm...RADIO❤️

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