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Naomi House & Jacksplace need you!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It's a particularly difficult time for us all at the moment, and it's no different for charities that rely on public funding like Naomi House & Jacksplace, who need your help more than ever.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has meant that they have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend respite care at the hospices, only offering end of life care, whilst still supporting families virtually, with their care, play and family support teams on hand for calls and video chats. The play team have put together sensory activities for the families to do at home (these can be found on their Facebook page).

They've done a brilliant job at keeping Jacksplace open as they are supporting the NHS by taking in adult patients from local hospitals in a bid to free up NHS frontline beds for Coronavirus patients.

However, fundraising income has come to an almost complete stop, as charity shops are closed &

fundraising events are postponed, thus the local community and businesses are unable to fundraise as they’re all at home

With our fundraising dipping dramatically and our future now uncertain, Naomi House & Jacksplace need the support of the digital community now more than ever!

That's why they're holding a Virtual Quiz this Saturday (25th April), hosted by me! It'll be live on their Facebook page at 19:30 & is free to take part in, but as they need your support more than ever, donations are welcomed here - so that can be your good deed for the day, I'll see you on Saturday!

To find out more about Naomi House & Jacksplace head to .

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