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Bucket List Busters returned for August!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

What an amazing month August was for Bucket List Busters - we decided to bring back the feature that allows listeners to nominate people in their life they think are deserving of a special treat for one reason or another.

We were inundated with nominations. We managed to sort a surprise Skydiving trip for 11 year-old Halle, who had a difficult year at school; provide a weekend away for foster parents Sam & John; a surprise family afternoon tea at The Spinnaker Tower for Glenis, who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease; and also this...Kelly got in touch with Bucket List Busters to nominate her son, Tate, 4, who until 8 months ago was nonverbal. One day he suddenly started singing Elvis songs, and his dream has been to meet Elvis... The rest is history, as we hosted Tate’s Express FM Elvis Party with all of his friends & family! Watch the video below to see what happened (tissues at the ready!)...

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